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    When starting mmc for the very first time, you will see the dashboard - drag & drop items from the menu here, use a default CODie dashboard, or copy one from another user.
  • Your Main Dashboard

    The dashboard only contains only the functions you need for your daily work. You can leave out program features you don't need.
  • All your documentation is automatically filed in folders

    This allows you to structure everything like working on your desk. Create as many shelves and folders as you want, import your existing documents, and start working.
  • Folders can contain unlimited chapters, documents and revisions

    mmc will take care of all those boring, yet necessary administrative tasks (like change tracking, revisioning, distribution), so you can focus on the content.
  • All your forms can be managed electronically

    Forms can be made with mmc's forms designer, or kept in Word, Excel, PDF. Many frequently used fields (IMO no. ship name etc) can be pre-filled out without manual input.
  • Manage your charter parties

    The chartering section enables you to enter all charter relevant data and is connected to lists of a vessels ports of call and the findings module.
  • Lookup current vessel position and ETA

    The data for the ETA list are either input manually on board, or come through automated interfaces (here: FleetTracker).
  • Crewing and Payroll data are kept at a central place

    Crew personal data, certificates, sea services and more can be accessed by you or your authorized Crewing Agents abroad.
  • Crew planning is offered in many ways

    Relieve planning is easy - by ship or rotation in a certain fleet, by reviewing offsigners without future contracts, or by empty time slots in the near future.
  • In-place contract creation

    You can create and issue individual contracts based on a pay scale template. Later on, those data are used for the automated creation of the monthly pay slips.
  • Technical Management, Planned Maintenance & Certificates

    From the PMS Overview Dashboard, you can drill down to any equipment and machinery details and maintenance particulars.
  • Additional centralized overviews in the office

    Superintendents ashore can easily gain the overall maintenance status of the managed fleet, and identify potential problems at an early stage.
  • Lookup your on-board equipment

    Equipment needs to have at least a title - but in addition you can enter as many specifications, user-defined data fields, pictures, drawings and manuals as you like.
  • Work with Planned and Controlled Maintenance

    Maintenance information can be gained for a specific piece of equipment, a group of equipment, or the entire vessel. Color-coding supports an easy status identification .
  • Manage spares and consumables on board

    You can add any spare catalogue, and distribute updates automatically. Items can be monitored in inventories, or "monthly remainings" reports.
  • Order spares from catalogues

    Items can simply be ordered from a catalogue, when reporting a maintenance job, from the central order basket, or as free-text item from anywhere.
  • Ordering – both, from board the ships and from ashore

    Based on user permissions, orders can be issued to a supplier by the shore office only, and/or directly from board (e.g. for provisions).
  • Perform regular or ad-hoc inventories of your assets

    You can count your items and consumables by store, catalogue or by manually prepared inventory lists (e.g. for monthly remainings).
  • Report and analyse any claims, findings, nc’s, observations …

    You can have your own report classifications, analyze what happened in-depth, define actions and monitor your corrective and preventive measures.
  • Use our pre-made statistics or create your own ones

    Statistical overviews help you to analyze your current performance and KPI's, deliver factual data for decision making, and help you to prepare management reviews.

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