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Local and cloud-based maritime software

Crew management & Payroll

Planned maintenance, Purchasing & ISM

Fleet reporting, Inspection & Fleet support center

Newbuilding supervision, Warranty, Claims management

developed on board ships

designed by seamen for seamen

programmed by staff with seagoing experience

Maritime by heart

Consistency since 25 years



Customer focus

CODieBOARD# maritime software

The CODieBOARD# maritime software helps you to organize and streamline your day-to-day business in ship management, ship operations and fleet management.

The software is designed for companies of any size and for the use on board any kind of ship. It can be used for cargo and passenger ships, work boats, yachts and megayachts, governmental and navy vessels as well as in the offshore industry.



Local or cloud-based fleet management

Cloud or local network? Your choice!

Our maritime software can be installed either in your Local Area Network (LAN) or in a Cloud. If you later on decide to switch to the other way – no problem! With our hosting partners we are also able to help and guide you in getting your own cloud started. All data are hosted in local data centers, not overseas – so you are always in control of your data.




The CODieBOARD# mmc is a newly developed maritime software suite for all processes in shipping companies – both ashore and on board ships. The first available module is a maritime crew management software that handles all crew and payroll processes. Read more >>>

Screenshot of the Crewing software CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center
Ship management software CODieBOARD# isman-center screenshot of planned maintenance menu


Our maritime core product for planned maintenance, procurement and ISM. The maritime software helps you to run the ideal level of maintenance and stock in order to keep your vessels in good condition. Class approved and ISM compliant, easy to implement, to learn and to use. Read more >>>


The CODieBOARD# supervision-center is a unique solution for claims management in the maritime industry. Starting during the newbuilding phase in the shipyard, over sea trial and warranty handling, up to damage and malfunction reporting and insurance claims management. Read more >>>

CODieBOARD# supervision-center screenshot
The operations management and service request system CODieBOARD# support-center screenshot.


Our ticketing system for the maritime industry. This software helps you to organize your operations, support and service management. Handle with ease performance tests and surveys, repair requests and service visits. Coordinate your shore-based support, your inspection team and your fleet. Read more >>>

The Peter Döhle Group supports the planned maintenance software from CODie.The Reederei Thomas Schulte supports the maritime planned maintenance software from CODieOCEAN Shipmanagement supports the maritime PMS software for vessels from CODie. Order Demo Data Sheet Certificate GL Certificate DNV View product brochure