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7. December 2016
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6. February 2017
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End-of-Year 2016 Review

CODie Maritime’s End-of-Year 2016 Review

The year of 2016 has been exciting and challenging for our team. We had a very successful SMM exhibition and we took big steps towards the completion of our next generation software, the maritime-management-center, which is a complete fleet, crew, compliance and reporting solution.

The most notable accomplishment of the year was the launch of our SmartFleet Reporting module which can process your findings, and also a preview of the upcoming planned maintenance module presented at the SMM Hamburg.


Below the surface

Not only did we develop our software but we developed ourselves too! We chose to steer away from well worn paths and try new things. Our customers have noticed that they now receive monthly development reviews full of the latest features, and of course bug fixes too.

That is just one example of the many small changes we have made to improve our service. We want to be more accessible and open in our communication; this review is part of it.
Part of our new communication strategy is to improve our appearance at all customer touchpoints. We want you to gather and obtain information more easily so we have reworked our website, and for those who want to try our software we have set up a new fast demo server.

In addition, we started a new social media strategy, testing unknown waters. We created a Facebook page for our maritime division – facebook.com/CODie.maritime, joined Twitter and embraced LinkedIn Pulse. In our social media centers, you will not only find company news, but in-depth analyses of current events and reports about hot industry topics such as the IMO sulfur cap. Many of these articles have been published in renowned magazines like MarineLink and DigitalShip.



CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center – 2016

The maritime-management-center (MMC) consists of a number of modules which can be activated and deactivated to scale your system. We continually add new modules and extend their functionality. Read on to discover the features we added in 2016.



The software of the future will allow the user to create every item he needs on the fly. Following that call we have implemented a very versatile way to tailor your personal dashboard.
As you might be aware, in MMC every user’s dashboard features Windows-like tiles to represent the main menu. Of course, each user only sees what you allow. However, in addition to software internal shortcuts you can include any file or folder from your computer on the dashboard, and it will also work with websites, in which case MMC simply turns into a browser.


The point is to improve your workflow as you avoid switching back and forth. Simply go online, e.g. to ShipServ or FleetTracker, or open your DropBox, and return using the home button.

Smart Fleet Reporting

We are very proud to announce our reporting module for findings this year. We have already extended its functionality by implementing a very comprehensive statistics tool.
Using the statistic tool you can create fully customized reports about your vessels and fleets, even down to the color and type of diagram. Simply save your creation, like the number of NCs per fleet, for later usage.

The Smart Fleet Reporting itself offers all must-haves for management of findings. Assign tasks and responsible persons, create finding-templates featuring attachments and as many finding types as you need.

To improve teamwork, we connected the reporting module with a feature which enables you to screenshot and link any window of the software in order to create a “change request”. This comes in handy when you stumble across incorrect data or when you want to make remarks. Now you can simply share this by hitting the button “change request”.


Document Management System – Compliance

The compliance module managing your ISM, ISPS, circular needs and all other documents was released last year. This year we have added many important details to make usage even more comfortable. New features include spell checker, highlighted document changes, multiple views, improved menus and extended functionality for header/ footer templates.

The system is famous for its ease of use because all items look like the ones in your office. Folders are graphically represented as such and opening them will let you see inside them. That’s valuable because the crew does not need additional training to handle their manuals or circulars.

This year we implemented change tracking and a search function for new documents, so that your master can stay up to date without hassle. New versions are highlighted just like new emails in your inbox. For the DPA / Quality Manager ashore, MMC offers a document editor with full publishing workflow management and a Microsoft Word feel. He/ She can use form fields for automatic input (date, vessel name, publisher etc.) too. The publishing process was further improved so that all released documents are now automatically transferred to the interlinked fleets and vessels.

We also soon understood that customers like to use the system to manage all documents related to the various norms which require fulfillment. For this reason we created a norm-matrix, which allows you to categorize folders and documents, for example to find all documents related to ISO 9001. Try for free >>>



We created a CODie API, enabling other software systems to closely corporate with us. So far, we offer a deep integration with our partner FleetTracker, hence you can track all your vessels and routes, and acquire their ETAs. We also feature a Microsoft Navision interface which automatically exports payroll data to your accounting software.

As our company has a long-standing history with the former AVECS GmbH, we wrote a one-click import for customers of AVECS TiTAN / QMDS. AVECS systems will not work with new versions of Windows and they are no longer updated, due to the developer being acquired. You can now simply import your AVECS database to our current planned maintenance and compliance software, CODie ISMAN.

Crewing Module

The interface and usability of the resource planner has been another concern for our development team. We added a site bar to show at a glance the most suitable crew members that are available. And to gather information faster, we enabled a tool tip function displaying the most important data for each crew member when hovering their name.

In 2016 we took special care about payroll related features and a deep integration with Microsoft Navision accounting software. Therefore, we can now offer a gross payroll which can handle ranks and ratings with deductions, home allotments, slop chest etc. Try for free >>>

Planned Maintenance Ahead

This year’s highlight at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg was a first preview of the upcoming planned maintenance functionality. Our PMS is much more than a simple part tree of ship’s equipment, everything is interwoven with other modules. Spare parts, purchasing, stock keeping are all connected.

One specialty is a focus on fast input of maintenance jobs combined with intelligent assistance, and this speeds up administrative tasks. A good example of this is so called in-grid-editing. It simply means you can to edit any list (counters, maintenance jobs, etc.) directly within a table.


We hope you enjoyed our very first end-of-year review and wish you a happy new year.
Are you interested in learning more about our product? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,
Your CODie Team


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