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Technical Management &
Planned Maintenance (PMS)
Ensure your vessels are well maintained
and operated at low cost.
Managing a ship means having responsibility for a huge amount of assets, where unexpected equipment failure can be your worst enemy. Planned maintenance is vital to avoid high costs of reactive maintenance, is decreasing the risk of accidents, and keeps your ships in operation.
CODie's Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is your tool to properly plan, document and monitor all maintenance activities in your fleet.

Impressions taken from our Technical Management System / PMS

  • Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

    A PMS allows you to manage all your maintenance tasks and to improve the reliability of your vessels. It contains all machinery and equipment on board. The the CB#mmc PMS is easy and self-explaining, and it complies to mandatory regulations like the ISM Code.
  • PMS dashboard on board a ship

    mmc comes with an easy-to-use yet highly sophisticated Planned Maintenance System. Gathering the overall maintenance status of a ship is an easy task. Of course those widgets are interactive - a simple click serves you more detailed information.
  • PMS dashboard in the office

    Superintendents ashore can easily gain the overall maintenance status of the managed fleet, and identify potential problems at an early stage. You can adjust the information displayed in the tables and graphs to your specific needs.
  • Detailed Equipment Data

    Each part of the ship as well as every equipment and machinery on board can be registered in any detail level. You only fill out the information you have on hand - if it has a name, it can be managed within the mmc.
  • Single Equipment Maintenance

    You can attach as many maintenance jobs to equipment and machinery as needed. The upper part shows job definitions, the lower displays done maintenance. Clicking a specific job in the upper part filters all corresponding maintenance reports below.
  • Global Maintenance List

    Once a maintenance job is scheduled, it will appear on the global maintenance list. All jobs are automatically re-calculated (no manual triggering required). Color-coding allows for visual identification of a job's status (green: ok; yellow: too early; red: too late).
  • Counters, Measurements, Readings

    Running time counters and measurement points can be attached to one or multiple components. This ensures a flexible structure of your equipment tree. Readings can be entered both manually or automatically, e.g. from the ship's automation system.
  • Ship’s Certificates

    The PMS also covers the management of the certificates. All relevant data like expiry date, issuing authority or renewal time window can be attached to the certificate. If the certificate is related to specific equipment, you can also link it to your equipment tree.
  • Certificate Renewal

    The renewal of a certificate is done within the global certificates list. Just click the certificate to be renewed, choose 'renew' and enter all relevant data. The historical data are stored, so you have a continuous record of the ship's certificates status.

Main features of CODie's Technical Management System


Easy to use, self-explaining, and little to no training required - easy to adopt and understand.

Straight forward

No complex user inputs to remember, no difficult menus, no ballast - simply use it.


From fishery fleets and coasters up to rigs and passenger ships - adjustable to your requirements.


360° of all your requirements on a Planned Maintenance System are covered.


The system automatically learns while it is in use, and makes suggestions for optimization.


A fully operational on-board database makes you independent from Internet outages.


Only standard hardware and operating systems are needed to run the system.


Your desired process improvements come within short time after implementation.

Three main reasons
to choose our PMS:



We have created a PMS which is easy and fast,

and which aligns to every customer.

- Andreas Bargfried, Owner


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