23. April 2014

Automatic generation of service reference numbers

When a support case is created out of the service request from board a vessel, the CODieBOARD# support-center will automatically provide you with a case number. This service number  is based on a template and may vary from company to company, depending on the intentions and needs. It can be configured to contain e.g. year / month of […]
16. April 2014

A typical support-center case: Renaming a vessel

Our CODieBOARD# support-center software is used for various fleet support activities in the Nautical, Technical and IT Departments. It keeps track on all service and support requests, the communication and arrangements, the budgets and current status of each single request. An example is the renaming of a vessel, where the arrangements could look like this: After a while, […]
28. August 2013

ISMAN V.18 comes with maritime software for free

With the delivery of the annual update of CODie ISMAN, we will also ship a free-of-charge version of the CODieBOARD# support-center to all our existing customers. As usual, the ISMAN update will be delivered and installed by one of our Technicians in the head office of the customer. This ensures that we can inform our customers about new […]