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Crew Management and Payroll

The comprehensive crewing solution.

Recruitment, relieve planning, travel booking, certificates control, record keeping -
proper crew management and crew rotation are vital for the operation of a ship. On the other hand,
keeping costs under control is a big priority for each crew manager.

Our Crewing and Payroll modules are easy to use, visual, and accessible from everywhere.

Some impressions taken from our Crewing & Payroll System

  • Crew Management & Payroll

    CB#mmc Crewing & Payroll bring ships and people together, ensuring that there is always a proper and safe manning, that crews are relieved as planned, and the monthly gross pay slips are automatically created in accordance to each individual contract.
  • Crew Members

    Your crew is kept in a central database. Crewing Agencies can access the system remotely, and suggest new personnel for your approval. After this, the seaman is available in the planning module, and after assignment the data are sent on board.
  • Crew Member Details

    The CV of a certain crew member covers all personal data - like name, address and contact details; former sea services and experience; qualification and certificates; planning and travel preferences; training needs, appraisals and evaluation results.
  • Crew Certificates

    All certificates of a seaman are stored with the personal data. CB#mmc will warn you in case of an expiry - the color coding helps you to identify expiring or expired certificates. After renewal, the historical data are kept in the database.
  • Manning scales of the vessels

    Each ship or fleet can have an individual manning scale. The requirements for each position are compared to the qualification of your seafarers. mmc will automatically warn you if you are trying to schedule a seaman that does not fit to these requirements.
  • Crew planning and crew list

    The easiuest way to plan your crew can be done in a simple overview by 'time slots'. Each slot shows a current assginment or a vacancy. Just click it to show the currently assigned crew member and its contract details, or to start planning.
  • Crew planning by offsigners

    Alternatively, you can also look up the list of offsigners in the near future. By clicking an offsigner to the left, mmc will suggest autmatically vacancies in the future that fit to the qualification and sailing preferences of this crew member.
  • Crew planning by vacancies

    The third way of planning is by vacancies. You can e.g. list all unassigned time slots ahead for the next 3 months, and mmc will suggest automatically suitable crew members to the right. Of course, all 3 methods of planning interact with each other.
  • In-place contract creation

    In order to create a contract for a seaman, you can merge a payscale template (e.g. C/E USD) and a contract template (e.g. Cyprus Flag Contract) into an assignment. Of course, all particulars can be modified at any time for the individual contract.
  • Define your Payscales

    Your payscales are put in as templates, which makes it very convenient to link it to a crew assignment during planning and contract creation, and to process it in your monthly payroll run. All data can be adjusted for an individual contract.
  • Manage appraisals and crew performance

    All your performance reports can be filled out electronically, both on board and ashore. Templates help you to manage even complex reporting scenarios, and overviews provide you with instant information on each crew member's performance.
  • Crew lists in any format

    Your crew lists can be generated for any given time frame and in any format. Besides various pre-defined standard crew lists that come with mmc, our report designer enables you to define any new layout with just a few mouse clicks.

Main features of CODie's Crewing & Payroll System


Easy to use, self-explaining, and little to no training required - easy to adopt and understand.

Straight forward

No complex user inputs to remember, no difficult menus, no ballast - simply use it.


From fishery fleets and coasters up to rigs and passenger ships - adjustable to your requirements.


360° of all your requirements on a Planned Maintenance System are covered.


The system automatically learns while it is in use, and makes suggestions for optimization.


A fully operational on-board database makes you independent from Internet outages.


Only standard hardware and operating systems are needed to run the system.


Your desired process improvements come within short time after implementation.

Three main reasons to choose
our Crewing & Payroll:


We created every line of code in this software with the intent of making complex crew management a convenient experience.

- Andreas Bargfried, Owner


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