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Requisitioning & Purchasing,

The smart and comprehensive ordering system
that covers all your needs.
A fleet of ships is purchasing stocks, spares, bunkers, lubes and consumables for millions of dollars every year.
Centralized and automated ordering and procurement processes can therefore make the key difference in ship operating costs.
CB#mmc helps you to optimize your order processing, to automize communication with your suppliers,
to reduce transaction time, to work efficiently and to have the right amount of stocks on board in the moment it is needed. 

Some impressions taken from our Purchasing & Procurement System

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Main features of CODie's Ordering & Purchasing System


Easy to use, self-explaining, and little to no training required - easy to adopt and understand.

Straight forward

No complex user inputs to remember, no difficult menus, no ballast - simply use it.


From fishery fleets and coasters up to rigs and passenger ships - adjustable to your requirements.


360° of all your requirements on a Ordering and Purchasing System are covered.


The system automatically learns while it is in use, and makes suggestions for optimization.


A fully operational on-board database makes you independent from Internet outages.


Only standard hardware and operating systems are needed to run the system.


Your desired process improvements come within short time after implementation.

Three main reasons to
choose our purchasing system:



Our purchasing software enables our customers
to manage even complex and urgent orders
in a simple, transparent and straightforward way.

- Andreas Bargfried, Owner


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