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Document Management, 

Compliance, ISM & HSEQ

All your documents, drawings, reporting forms

and procedures in a single piece of software.

Managing the documentation of a fleet by hand can be a big mess - no matter if we are talking about
ISM, Circulars, Technical Docs and Drawings, Monthly Reports, Makers Manuals etc etc.
CB#mmc comes with a simple yet straightforward document management system where automated tasks
take over routine tasks in the background. So you can concentrate on document content, not on administration.

Impressions taken from our Document Management System

  • The starting point – your Dashboard

    As in all mmc modules, your starting point is an empty dashboard.
    You can place tiles on the dashboard for quick access to the functions you need for your daily work.
  • Fill the Dashboard

    Just Drag & Drop the tiles from the menu to your dashboard.
    Besides the core document management system, there are various add-on functions available. You only have to pick those that you really need.
  • Your documents are filed in folders

    Like in a paper-based office, all documents are stored in folders. It takes less than 3 minutes to learn how to use it to navigate through your documentation and lookup your documents.
  • Unlimited shelves and folders

    Shelves and folders help you to structure your entire documentation to your needs.
    By arranging folders in shelves by topic, you can easily locate each document - like working on your desk in the office.
  • Unlimited chapters, documents and document revisions

    Each folder can contain as much documentation as you deem necessary. Chapters and sub-chapters allow for a clear structure of your documentation, and folder distribution lists define where your content is sent to.
  • Built-in editors with MS Office look-and-feel

    mmc comes with its own Microsoft Word / Excel style editors for full document control.
    Copies can be saved if needed, but the master document is always inside mmc.
    So - no more "the filled out form is only available on the Captain's own USB stick".
  • Enhanced editing capabilities

    Our editors allow for the design of documents with even complex formattings.
    The documents are saved to the database in the MS Office format, so printing, exporting, forwarding by eMail or saving to a hard disc is an easy task.
  • Automatically updated table of contents

    Each folder and each chapter has an automatically generated 'Table of contents' with document revision numbers and dates.
    The documentation index and revision history is never outdated again!
  • Fully automated revisioning system

    All revisions of a document are stored, so you can trace and prove the development of a document at any time (e.g. during an audit). When changing a document, it's revision number is suggested and set automatically.
  • Automatic change tracking & comments section

    Any changes to the previous revision are automatically highlighted for easy identification. An optional column to the right contains a comments section to help interpreting the document content.
  • Easy document creation by using templates

    All documents are based on your structured templates (e.g. company's letter head). When setting it up, you just type the text to appear on all documents, and drag & drop data fields like version numbers, creator names etc to headers or footers.
  • Electronic forms with auto-filling data fields

    All your forms can be managed by the mmc, and will only be printed if necessary.
    On board, common data fields like ship name, IMO or reporting officer name and rank will be filled out automatically.

Main features of CODie's Document Management System


Easy to use, self-explaining, and little to no training required - easy to adopt and understand.

Straight forward

No complex user inputs to remember, no difficult menus, no ballast - simply use it.


From fishery fleets and coasters up to rigs and passenger ships - adjustable to your requirements.


360° of all your requirements on a Planned Maintenance System are covered.


The system automatically learns while it is in use, and makes suggestions for optimization.


A fully operational on-board database makes you independent from Internet outages.


Only standard hardware and operating systems are needed to run the system.


Your desired process improvements come within short time after implementation.

Three main reasons to go for
CODie's Document Management:



It has never been easier to get rid of all those boring but necessary tasks for document creation, distribution and updating.

- Andreas Bargfried, Owner


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