15. February 2017

What’s in it for the crew? The current market situation analysed.

Forecast 2017: Rising Maintenance and Crew Costs The international shipping consultant Moore Stephens is expecting 2017 to be a very expensive year for ship owners and managers. The costs of operation are expected to rise across the board, for all vessel types. Container ship managers will see the highest anticipated rise at 3.4%, compared to other main vessel […]
29. October 2015

Communicating with Others in Shipping

For engineers the matter is rather simple because they can follow the technical process of communication in which a transmitter is sending out signals that are then picked up by a receiver. What counts is that the signal-to-noise ratio is within an acceptable range. However, people are more complicated as for them, signal and noise are just relative […]
22. September 2015

Crew: Learning and Developing

In this section, we examine the chapter “Learning and Developing” from the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s guide “The Human Element – A Guide to Human Behavior in the Shipping Industry” and we break down the most relevant information. It helps to understand how and why human accidents and errors occur and why they are still the leading […]
3. September 2015

Human Behavior in the Shipping Industry – Getting Tired and Stressed

Dirk Gregory and Paul Shanahan of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency developed the guide “The Human Element – A Guide to Human Behavior in the Shipping Industry”. The guide helps to identify countermeasures to avoid human errors and bad decisions, and how to manage the human element on all levels – from engine room, to bridge, to […]
24. July 2014

Overlap planning in CB# mmc

Careful planning of crew changes also includes the on-board familiarization. Particularly for new key staff like Officers and Engineers, very often an overlap period ensures that familiarization and handover processes are done in a proper way. The visual crew planner of our CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center’s crewing module makes overlap planning very easy, and displays crew changes including overlaps in […]