23. September 2014

SMM 2014 – Thank you for your visit!

We would like to thank all the visitors to our exhibition stand at the SMM 2014, and for the great response you gave to us! Although the stand was very crowded for the most of the time, we hope that you had a great experience, enjoyed the snacks and chats, and received some useful information about our latest […]
18. August 2014

Come and visit us at the SMM

  We are pleased to announce that we will again participate with our own booth at the world’s leading maritime trade fair, the SMM. More than 50,000 visitors and 2,100 exhibitors from all parts of the world are expected to come together for the 26th time in Hamburgs Congress Centre between September 9-12. As usual, the bi-annual SMM […]
16. April 2014

Claim types in the insurance module

The CODieBOARD# supervision-center manages all types of insurance claims. Once the report is in the system -e.g. as a damage file- it is also available for further handling with the insurance module. At first, you can specifiy the kind of the insurance case (P&I, LoH, H&M, FDD etc). These types can be individually configured, including corresponding sub types. […]
9. April 2014

Marine Claims Management system with Yard-specific reporting forms

The CODieBOARD# supervision-center (CB# sc)supports the creation of specific forms and formats as required by your shipyard. Depending on the site you are building your ship at, your shipyard may have it’s own quality assurance scheme with predefined reporting formats for inspections, claims etc. In most cases, such shipyards will not accept reports in your company’s specific format. […]
12. March 2014

Automated data exchange ship – shore

We have recently redesigned parts of our data exchange algorithms, with the aim of an even higher data compression and automated exchange between ship and shore side. In combination with the on-the-fly compression of attachments and documents within the programs, this will again significantly reduce transmission time and costs, helping our customers to keep their communication budgets under […]