16. April 2014

A typical support-center case: Renaming a vessel

Our CODieBOARD# support-center software is used for various fleet support activities in the Nautical, Technical and IT Departments. It keeps track on all service and support requests, the communication and arrangements, the budgets and current status of each single request. An example is the renaming of a vessel, where the arrangements could look like this: After a while, […]
9. April 2014

Marine Claims Management system with Yard-specific reporting forms

The CODieBOARD# supervision-center (CB# sc)supports the creation of specific forms and formats as required by your shipyard. Depending on the site you are building your ship at, your shipyard may have it’s own quality assurance scheme with predefined reporting formats for inspections, claims etc. In most cases, such shipyards will not accept reports in your company’s specific format. […]