6. June 2023

New W-Band Radar Technology: An overview

Radar has been an indispensable tool in maritime navigation since it was developed during World War II. Today’s radar systems are primarily used for identifying large obstacles and usually operate in the S-Band or X-Band. The S-Band offers a range of 74 kilometers, while the X-Band with a shorter range provides better target resolution. The new W-Band radar […]
9. August 2017

Ship Manager: Why it is a good idea to carry out pre-management audits

The dry bulk market may be struggling, but more and more ship managers are taking on vessels which fall back to the banks as distressed tonnage. This brings opportunities to ship managers to scale up their fleets, however it also comes with the danger of being held accountable for the ship’s possible bad state of maintenance. As it […]
5. October 2016

Latest Software Highlights of our new Ship Management Software

Due to this year’s SMM trade show being the most successful of recent time, CODie’s SMM Team was very satisfied at the close of the exhibition. The audience welcomed the new features of CODie’s maritime-management-center (MMC), a software suited to manage the vessels and the shipping company. New Software Highlights of CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center   The new PMS functionality For […]
31. August 2016

New article featured in Marine Log – Ship Breaking

We are proud to present our latest published article. This time we joint with the awesome people from the magazine “Marine Log”, to write an outstanding article dealing with the ship breaking issue. We compare ship lay-up with ship breaking and try to help determining which is better when. Few companies do really great these days, for many […]
18. April 2016

The unwanted ships: How to lay-up a vessel

It is always a financial decision to lay-up a vessel, and in recent years it has become a more frequent occurrence, but how does it actually work and what does one need to take care of? A short explanation follows. How to lay-up a vessel To lay-up a vessel means to stop using it for a certain period. […]