30. July 2014

CODie ISMAN V. 19 released

We have recently released CODie ISMAN Version 19 with almost 40 new functions, enhanced work flows and features. Particularly we have worked on many details in the ShipShop program, making many purchasing processes even simpler than they have been already been in the past. Also, the data exchange got again new features, including SSL connections, and the API […]
23. April 2014

ShipShop – Purchasing kept simple

One of the major advantages of our CODie ISMAN ShipShop module is ease of use – within just a few minutes, you can learn how to handle the procurement processes for your entire fleet. ShipShop consists of a very simple on-board ordering tool with support for both, free line items as well as catalogue-based items. Once the requisition […]
23. April 2014

Automatic generation of service reference numbers

When a support case is created out of the service request from board a vessel, the CODieBOARD# support-center will automatically provide you with a case number. This service number  is based on a template and may vary from company to company, depending on the intentions and needs. It can be configured to contain e.g. year / month of […]