27. June 2016

A Real Internal Audit Report

Today, you are granted insight into an anonymized but real internal audit report. You can open the PDF by clicking this link. The audited vessel is an ULCC – a very big container vessel – carrying more than 12,000 containers at a time. The internal audit is carried out by a technical superintendent of the managing company. A superintendent is […]
18. April 2016

The unwanted ships: How to lay-up a vessel

It is always a financial decision to lay-up a vessel, and in recent years it has become a more frequent occurrence, but how does it actually work and what does one need to take care of? A short explanation follows. How to lay-up a vessel To lay-up a vessel means to stop using it for a certain period. […]
23. March 2016

How to validate Planned Maintenance Systems for ships?

CODie is very happy to inform you that our article “Choosing and validating Planned Maintenance Software” was published by TheDigitalShip.com in its April Issue (p. 25). In this article we reveal what snares and problems you should avoid when looking for a new PMS software for your maritime business. As software vendor we know all the critical questions you absolutely should check before deciding […]
1. March 2016

Ship Management Explained in Brief for Students and Knowledge Seekers

Commercial shipping is a mean of transport for delivering all kinds of goods and services, as vessels transport some 90% of all international goods. They keep our society and the “global village” running. However, there is more to see than container ships and bulkers. Most people are not aware of the many different types of ships. Special ships […]
26. January 2016

Coffee & Classification Societies

In ancient and medieval times, trade was as important as it is today, and like today, vessels were the number one transportation unit. Ships were often built unstable, with pirates and storms making every journey an even greater risk. To counter business risks, merchants and owners sought to assure themselves by financial means. Ancient Greek sources like Lex […]
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